Probably the best cyberpunk game on the market. This is a great game that captures the atmosphere of William Gibsons books and films like Bladerunner. Has good rules for netrunning and cybernetic implants. A lot of the material is background material describing the world, economy and different aspects of life in the next century. As in all cyberpunk games, violence and decay is everywhere, but there isn't a big gun that the players have that a corporation cannot match.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
NeoTechBasic rules1993A4 Softback240
NeoTech DeluxeBasic rules & Adv1994A4 Box240, 8, 4
NeoTech SpelledarskärmGM Screen & Rule Exp1993A4 x 34p foldout
Rollformulär (v1.2)Character Sheets1993A432
Rollformulär (v1.3)Character Sheets1994A432
NeoTech NipponCamp. mod. & Rule Exp.1994A484
NeoTech HardWareEquip. Guide & Rule Exp.1995A464
Metusalems OfferAdventure1993A448
Operation MangalaAdventure1995A464

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