When the cyberpunk wave hit the gaming world, Target Games, publisher of Mutant made a re-release of the game. It still used the same basic rule-system, but this one was more streamlined. Also the game-world had changed dramatically, no longer was it a aftermath game, every trace of the third world war had vanished and instead it was a cyberpunk game. As with most of Target Games games, this had a big potential of being a great game if it wasn't for the same plague that hit their other games: It lacked a real campaign-world. Many gamers didn't know excatly what cyberpunk was and in the box there was nothing explaining it. Soon a few adventures and supplement were released and this changed a bit. One of the major drawbacks of the game was that no rules for interacting with computers was included in the basic rules. Later rules for hacking was printed in Target Games magazine Sinkadus and even later a complete supplement Cyberzonen for netrunning. These rules had to be expanded later with a article in Sinkadus.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
MutantBasic rules1989Boxed64, 48, 16
Techno 2090Rule exp. & Camp. mod.1990Boxed56, 56
CyberzonenRule exp. & Camp. mod.1990Adhesive binding104
SVOTRule exp. & Camp. mod.1991G564
KRIMRule exp. & Camp. mod.1992G564
Berlin City 2092Campaign module1991Boxed96, 88, 16
Ypsilon 5Adventure1989G548
Den förbjudna stadenAdventure1989G540
Dårarnas öAdventure1990G548
Drakens landAdventure1990G548
Drakens ögaAdventure1990G548
Änglars skuggaAdventure1991G548
Cul de SacAdventure1991G548

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