Tolkien has always been popular in Sweden and 1986 came Sagan om Ringen: Rollspelet (Lord of the Rings: the RPG). This is a straight translation of Middle-Earth Roleplaying (MERP). Several supplements were released and the game came in a second printing with a new design of the box. There were almost no differences from the original, except for the G5 format, and the cardboard figures missing. Despite this Sagan om Ringen: Rollspelet never got popular in Sweden, maybe because the other big fantasy game Drakar och Demoner, was easier to learn for novice roleplayers and that many players had tried MERP and stuck to the american version if they liked it.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
Sagan om ringenBasic rules1986Boxed60, 52, 48, 24
RohanCampaign module1988Boxed72, 32
Södra MörkmårdenCampaign module1988Boxed56, 48
Mordors portarAdventure1989G548
Fasornas träskAdventure1989G548
Öknens krigsherrarAdventure1989G540
Skogens vildmänAdventure1990G548
Anduins vålnadAdventure1990G540
GundabadCamp. mod. & Adv.1990G588

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