Swedish Roleplaying Games

Despite it's small population there has been a lot of roleplaying games in Sweden. This page is devoted to the roleplaying-games found in Sweden, in Swedish, whether they are translations or not. For several games I do not have information about their release-date or some other information. There may also be games missing or plain errors. If you have corrections or contributions, please contact me. Please note that although I try to be as objective as I can, I do express my feelings about a couple of these games, and if this bothers you, please drop me a line.


These are some of the people that have made this page possible through sharing their wizdom with us.
Peter Bäckman - Dungeons & Dragons.
Åke Rosenius - Lancelot Games and their products
Anders Blixt
Olle Sahlin
Marco Behrmann - NeoGames and their products
Carl Johan Ström - NeoGames and their products
Andreas Gustawsson
Anders Ericsson
...and many more that I have forgotten.


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