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Target Games used in their early products the somewhat odd format G5 (169 x 239 millimeters). Normally a game came with two or three books with around 72 pages, dice and character sheets in a small box. It is not until recent years that they have abandoned the box and now uses US letter, hard- or softcover.

Unless otherwise stated all books were stapled and in the G5 format. The Large box was a box measuring, in millimeters, 253 x 202 x 41 (Length x Width x Depth) while the ordinary box measured 253 x 202 x 32. Most of this information comes from Sinkadus number 35, where all products from the first ten years were listed.

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
Grymkäfts fällorUniversal sourcebook1987G548
StadsintermezzonUniversal sourcebook1988G572
SkattkammarenUniversal sourcebook1988G548

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