Trollspel / 101 Production

101 Production was started 1989and released it's first game NeoBunnies in 1992 together with the company NeoSoft under the common trademark NeoGames. NeoBunnies was a humouristic boardgame about the population of bunnies in a glade. 101 Production also distributed all of NeoGames' games, which they had the exclusive rights to.

Some games was later made, mainly the roleplaying games Viking and NeoViking and a few boardgames with a historical backdrop (Vikingatid and Ostindiska Kompaniet).

In 1997 they started releasing the above mentioned games under the trademark Trollspel.

Later the same year they went into liquidation out of a number of reasons. It is highly unprobable that the development of Viking will continue.

The Links

101 Production has a homepage but since they went bankrupt, it is uncertain how long before it will cease to exist.

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