Västerås Stift

This is maybe the most interesting part of Swedish roleplaying game industry. The episcopate of Västerås have for some years used roleplaying games in their confirmation classes. Their games focus on moral problems faced when playing another character. Their games come with simple rules and ready-made adventures short enough to be played in a few sessions. All adventures form some kind of short campaign and after each adventure there is a "debriefing" in which the participants are faced with questions meant to start a discussion. This is maybe the best example of how roleplaying games can be used in education. Their games have first been used on confirmation summer camps. All their games are in G5 (169 x 239 millimeters) format, softcover, stapled. Artwork made by Håkan Ackegård and Åsa Granlund two relatively famous artists in roleplaying circles. I strongly recommend these games because of their simplicity and innovative features. They are also excellent for introducing new players to the hobby and for letting novice players try a more "serious" campaign, due to the simple rules, well thought-thru adventures and the optional debriefing-discussion.

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Last Updated: 1998-01-04