Western was licenced to a company in Spain and at least a few adventures is said to have been printed in spanish. The designer of Western have a new, 3rd edition of the rules which is more streamlined and easier to play. Unfortunately since Lancelot Games no longer exist, it is uncertain if this version ever will be printed.
The rules are complex, and I mean it. Some novice players once started a campaign with a classical saloon brawl. This resulted in one weekends playing just to resolve the fight, while in game time just a few seconds had elapsed. Maybe this was extreme, but still rules for combat is very detailed. A lot of the material concerning the character generation being thorough, describing the characters background, family and social situation. The game was boxed with two books, dice, loose charts and a transparent overlay for determining hits like that one in Milleniums End. Despite the somewhat "massive" rules, Western is a great game if you like that genre.

The Products

ProductCategoryYearDesign# pages
WesternBasic rules1989Box, A4 books72, 64
Spelledarens skärmGM Screen1989A4 cardboard12p foldout
RollformulärsblockCharacter sheets1989A4, 20 per pack20 x 4
FormulärsblockMisc sheets1989A4, 3 different types20
Hogan's Last StopAdventure1989A432
Lawster's LodeAdventure1989A432
De svarta bandenAdventure1990A440
Dead or AliveAdventure1991A440

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