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Valerian et Laureline: The Albums

The 17th album hasn't been released yet. It was due for the book fair one year ago, and then last christmas, but it didn't appear at this years book fair either. Now I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that the album is to be translated once more since the original translation was horrible. I find it hard to believe that it would take one year to realise that something isn't as good as expected. The last album was released shortly after the french edition, what is the problem this time? Well hopefully it will be released before the next one comes along. Update: As the time of writing no more Valerian albums has been released in Sweden and there seems to be no plans on continuing the series in swedish.

These are the albums translated into Swedish. The French title is in italic below the swedish and under the French title you can find the Danish one. The Danes are much better at translating foreign comics into their native language, so I have to stick to reading some of my albums in Danish.

A couple of years ago the swedish magazine Fantomen (The Phantom) published seven Valerian adventures. Each adventure was published in two consecutive issues. One of the strengths of this magazine was the high quality on the supporting comics, but due to strong reader opinion, Valerian was sadly dropped since it wasn't appreciated many of by the readers.

Stjärnlös värld
(Le Pays sans Etoile)
Landet uden stjerner
Stjärnlös värld, Fantomen 1-2/2004
Kampen om Teknorog
(Bienvenue Sur Alflolol)
Velkommen til Alflolol
Kampen om Teknorog, Fantomen 7-8/2004
Härskarens fåglar
(Les Oiseaux du Maître)
Herskerens fugle
Härskarens fåglar, Fantomen 25-26/2004
Ambassadören som försvann
(L'Ambassadeur des Ombres)
Skyggernes ambassadør
Skuggornas ambassadör, Fantomen 5-6/2002
De tusen planeternas rike
(L'Empire des Mille Planètes)
De tusinde planeters imperium
De tusen planeternas rike, Fantomen 18-19/2003
Den falska världen
(Sur les Terres Truquées)
I den falske verden
Det stigande vattnets stad
(La Cité des Eaux Mouvantes)
Storbyen der druknede
Stigande vattnets stad, Fantomen 7-8/2003
Vårdagjämningens hjältar
(Les Heros de L'Equinoxe)
Jævndøgnets Helte
Vårdagjämningens hjältar, Fantomen 11-12/2002
Tåg till Cassiopeja, tag plats
(Metro Chatelet, Direction Cassiopée)
Metro Chatelet, retning Cassiopeia
Tåg från Brooklyn, slutstation Kosmos
(Brooklyn Station Terminus Cosmos)
Brooklyn Station, endestation Kosmos
Spöket på Inverloch
(Les Spectres d'Inverloch)
Spøgelset fra Inverloch
Hypsis blixtar
(Les Foudres d'Hypsis)
Tordenkilen fra Hypsis
Bortom okända gränser
(Sur Les Frontières)
Over ukendte grænser
De levande vapnen
(Les Armes Vivantes)
De levende våben
Maktens Cirklar
(Les Cercles du Pouvoir)
Magtens cirkle
Hotet mot Ultralum
(Otages de l'Ultralum)
Ultralummets Gidsler

There are also a few comics that do not exist in Swedish although they exist in French and Danish. They are:

Not available in Swedish
(Par les chemins de l'espace)
Ad rummets veje
Not available in Swedish
(Mézières et Christin avec...)
Fortællinger fra rummet1
Not available in Swedish
Les Habitants du Ciel
Folk og Fæ i himmelrummet: Linda og Valentins galaktiske leksikon

1 Actually the main comic where Valerian met Laureline (SV: De onda drömmarna) was published in the Swedish magazine Tung Metall (Heavy Metal) as a three-part mini-series in the issues 11/86, 12/86 and 1/87. It is also interesting that this is NOT a strict translation of the Mézières album. In the Danish version only the Sci-Fi material was considered interesting and kept. All western related material is missing.

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