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MOPD for NetBSD/OpenBSD (and other)

When I got my first PC Ethernet Interface at home I wanted to know how to program the interface. So I wrote a small program, in Turbo Pascal 4 using the packet driver, spying on my EtherTalk network at home (One SE/30 and one IICX).

Later I wanted to know how to MOP load a DECserver 200 from a PC so I rewrote the EtherTalk program to support MOP. The first version of the MOP loader could load 16 terminal servers at once (with a graphical interface showing what was happening).

But with time I needed to be able to run it on UNIX. So I rewrote the program in C. The current version is V2 and is a second total rewrite of the program. The latest version should be able to load not only terminal servers but other computers.

Now days mopd is a part of both OpenBSD-current and NetBSD-current.

Currently supported OS:

 o NetBSD 1.2
 o OpenBSD 2.0
 o FreeBSD 2.1.x
 o BSD/OS 2.1
 o Linux
 o SunOS 4


 o MOPD source

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