Kerberos Telnet for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP

Here lives Kerberos

Here you can get Kerberos Telnet for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

KTELNET gives you the following functionality:

* Telnet client with kerberos authentication and encryption.
* FTP client with kerberos authentication.
* Proxy server that will allow you to use your favourite mail reader and still use kerberos authentication.
* KTELNET will be able to run through a NAT type firewall and a firewall supporting HTTP proxy with 'CONNECT' (but not other types of firewalls).

If you find anything that you suspect is a bug in KTELNET, please don't heasitate to send me a mail describing the problem and I will try to pinpont the problem.


You will always find the latest version of KTelnet on this page. You can also find some old versions (or Beta-versions) of KTelnet here.

New 2004-04-03
Ooppsss! Another new version after half a year!

Updated beta version of KTelnet V3.00 available (with Kerberos 5).

Version and notes

Executable (and documentation)



* Fix krb.realms settings for domain (no change of program).
* Enable Auto. authenticate default during
installation (no change of program).
KTW32.EXE Ktelnet.pdf
* Fix krb.realms settings for domain (no change of program).
KTW32-010115.EXE Ktelnet.pdf
* Fix memory leak during telnet session.
KTW32-001001.EXE Ktelnet.pdf
* Support for interrealm authentication.
* Fix bug when encryption was turned on to early.
KTW32-000625.EXE Ktelnet-000625.pdf
* New graphical FTP client.
* Support for TELNET through some types of firewalls.
* Added support for international character sets.
* Added profiles.
* Handle installation under NT better.
* Possible to give parameters on commandline for serial port.
KTW32-000506.EXE Ktelnet-000506.pdf
* Fix problem with KAUTH in FTP client against KTH-KRB V1.0 FTP server.
(Broken installation program updated 2000-03-22) Ktelnet-000318.pdf
* Fix problem when running Ticket Manager west of London (UK).
* Fix problem when sending files with FTP from NT machine, files could be truncated.
* Add new commands RENAME and AFSLOG to FTP.
* Could not send file opened by another process.
* Paste of large blocks could make connection hang.
KTW32-990724.EXE Ktelnet-990724.pdf
* Fixed problem with large mail files and fast links in KPopProxy.
* Correctly compiles and run with Borland C++ 5.02.
* Print selected text (from Joakim Petersson <>).
KTW32-990626.EXE Ktelnet-990626.pdf
* First official release
KTW32-990619.EXE Ktelnet-990619.pdf

Mailing list

If you want information about KTELNET you can subscribe to one of these mailinglists:

  • (a low-volume announcements list)
  • (a free discussion list, will also get announcements)

To subscribe to either of them send mail to <> or <> depending on which list you are interested in with the word SUBSCRIBE on a single line in the mail body (not in the subject).

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