BETA versions of Kerberos Telnet for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP

Here lives Kerberos

Here you can get BETA versions of Kerberos Telnet for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 and XP.

These BETA versions of KTelnet have support for Kerberos 5

If you find anything that you suspect is a bug in KTELNET, please don't heasitate to send me a mail describing the problem and I will try to pinpont the problem.


Version and notes

(and documentation)



V3.00.950 BETA 040403
* Updated Kerberos 5 suport to Heimdal 0.6.1.
* Updated Kerberos 4 suport to KTH-KRB 1.2.1.
* Add suport for GSSAPI/SASL in KPopProxy.
* Working forward of tickets in Telnet and FTP.
* Fix KFTP to not use all CPU time.
KTW32.EXE Ktelnet.pdf
V3.00.950 BETA 030918
* Updated Heimdal version to 0.6
* Programmable middle button on mouse
* Corrected some attribute handing in
terminal emulator
* Other changes I have forgotten during
the last two year.... :-)
KTW32-030918.EXE Ktelnet-030918.pdf
V3.00.950 BETA 010626
* Updated Heimdal version to 0.3f
* Added cmdline utility: kpasswd
and kinit (limited Kerberos 4 suport)
* Enabled Kerberos 4 support in klist and
* Added Kerberos 5 support in KPopProxy.
* Added password change for Kerberos 5
KTW32-010626.EXE Ktelnet-010626.pdf
V3.00.950 BETA 010328
* Fixed bug with DST in Kerberos 4
* Updated KTH-KRB version to 1.0.4
* Updated Heimdal version to 0.3d
KTW32-010403.EXE Ktelnet-010403.pdf
V3.00.950 BETA 001115
* FTP with Kerberos 5 support
(Both command line and graphic mode).
KTW32-001116.EXE Ktelnet-001116.pdf
V3.00.950 BETA 001104
* Basic Kerberos 5 support in Telnet.
KTW32-001104.EXE Ktelnet-001104.pdf

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