Old Beta versions of Kerberos Telnet for Windows 95/98/NT

Here lives Kerberos

Here you can get old Beta versions of Kerberos Telnet for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

KTELNET gives you the following functionality:

* Telnet client with kerberos authentication and encryption.
* FTP client with kerberos authentication.
* Proxy server that will allow you to use your favourite mail reader and still use kerberos authentication.
* KTELNET will be able to run through a NAT type firewall and a firewall supporting HTTP proxy with 'CONNECT' (but not other types of firewalls).

If you find anything that you suspect is a bug in KTELNET, please don't heasitate to send me a mail describing the problem and I will try to pinpont the problem. But before you do that check this page if the problem in the Beta version already have been discovered (and even fixed!).


Version and notes

Executable (and documentation)



V2.00.950 (BETA 000430)
* Fix some problem running under NT.
* Handle installation under NT better.
* Possible to give parameters on commandline for serial port.
* Final BETA for V2.00.
KTW32.EXE WinKrb.zip Ktelnet.pdf
V2.00.950 (BETA 000312)
* Added support for international character sets.
* Added profiles.
* Fix problem with single file upload in KFTP.
* Updated manual.
KTW32-000312.EXE WinKrb-000312.zip Ktelnet-000312.pdf
V2.00.950 (BETA 000112)
* Fix problem with KAUTH in FTP client against KTH-KRB V1.0 FTP server.
* Fix problem with multiple selection in KFTP Upload.
* Resizable sub windows in KFTP.
* Some bugfixes.
KTW32-000112.EXE WinKrb-000112.zip Ktelnet-000112.pdf
V2.00.950 (BETA 000102)
* Suport for VMS in graphical FTP interface.
* Some bugfixes.
KTW32-000106.EXE WinKrb-000106.zip Ktelnet-000106.pdf
V2.00.950 (BETA 991129)
* New graphical FTP interface.
* Support for TELNET through some types of firewalls.
KTW32-991202.EXE WinKrb-991202.zip Ktelnet-991202.pdf

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