The Arla project, Red Hat and Fedora Core RPMs

Arla is available as a set of RPMs for the various Red Hat operating systems. These are tested with Fedora Core 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on x86, but please try them with other distributions like older FC and RHEL releases. Reports about success or problems using these RPMs with non-Intel Fedora(-derived) distributions are also welcome.

Please note that Arla binary RPMs may not be provided, so you may need to recompile the source RPM yourself.


The Arla FTP repository contains the relevant Heimdal and Arla source and binary RPMs. It's actually a yum repository. The packages are signed with Alexander Boström (Unsafe Stacken key) .


Install Heimdal. There are binary RPMs for Fedora Core 6 (i386) and a source RPM for other distributions.

To compile from source, download the .src.rpm and type:

  rpmbuild --rebuild heimdal-???.src.rpm

Then install the resulting RPMs.


Compile and install the Arla source RPM. To compile, type:

  rpmbuild --rebuild arla-???.src.rpm
  rpmbuild --rebuild nnpfs-kmod-???.src.rpm --define "kversion $(uname -r)" --target=`uname -m`

Install the resulting packages, put the name of your AFS cell in /etc/arla/ThisCell, make sure /etc/arla/CellServDB is up-to-date and type:

  /sbin/service arla start

To start Arla at every boot, type:

  /sbin/chkconfig arla on

or use system-config-services.