The Arla project, SuSE releases

Suse 9.1

The current RPM (arla-0.36-4) is based on arla-0.36 source release with SuSE specific bugfixes. It includes support for the kernels marked with ok:

  default smp bigsmp comment
2.6.4-27 - no src no src No kernel source, no arla.
2.6.4-29 OK - -
2.6.4-34 OK OK OK
2.6.4-52 OK OK OK
2.6.4-54.3 OK OK OK
2.6.4-54.5 OK OK OK
2.6.5-7.75 OK OK OK

You find the RPM's you need for running arla on Suse 9.1 here
Use the lastest of the arla RPMs. If your kernel is not supported by the RPM, you can try to build your own RPM from the SRPM.

Known Issues

Older versions of SuSE

There are no RPM's for those releases, try the SRPM or build from the source. The spec file in the SRPM tries to build a nnpfs kernel module for every kernel that has kernel source installed.