The new supercomputer - from the past. Used but still fairly strong, in capacity. Computer Dell Precision t7500, with dual Xeon E5640 2.67 GHz QuadCore (8 threads each). It is quite amusing to see 16 cpu in Task Manager.
Memory 16 GB on main board, plus 16 GB on the second cpu board, total 32 gb installed. Max 96 gb.
The grapics card, Nvidia Quadro FX 4600, is quite old and not overly powerful. It has now been replaced by visibly more powerful Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3gb. The two 73 GB SAS disks at 15.000 rpm are quite fast, but more capacity is needed. The idea is to have a computer with great video editing capacity, where cores are king. For gaming, speed is king.

In the pictures you can see the second cpu sliding out to the side, so it can be removed. The two 2.67GHz QuadCore CPUs can be replaced with Xeon X5690 Hex (6) core at 3.46GHz. Task Manager would show 24 cpus! The passmark score for one of my cpu is 5.345, 9.128 for the X5690 cpu. Two X5690 cpu would cost about 500 euro or so. And 25.236 for the current top Xeon (E5-2679 v4, 20 cores). The top Intel i7-6950x scores 20.026, and i5-7600k scores 9.290 on Passmark.

The display shows how it looks with incorrect driver, and with correct drivers. The Task Manager shows 16 cpus, and most of them are parked. It is difficult to hit 100% cpu usage.