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Good to hear from you!

Dear Anna Duda,

I am sorry you did not get our welcoming emails. We have not had the 
possibility to send an ordianry welcomepackage, but instead we created an 
email list to the address that was mentioned on everyones application. Yours 
must have been wrong and we are sorry for the inconvenience tht might have 
caused you.

I will now add your father's address to the maillist because we send our 
useful information to that list as soon as we are updated on anything.

I will also forward the mails I have sent to the list to your father's 
address. There are addresses to some useful links on the internet and some 
instructions on how to get to Gustaf Af Klint, the hostel where we will meet 
you on the first day. It is a boat (!) situated by "Slussen".

I hope you will  get these emails and that it is OK with your father that we 
use his address. Please get back to me if there are any more questions that 
you have!

See you soon!
/Anna Edebo

From: Anna Duda
Student of the Faculty of Fuels and Energy,
The University of Mining and Metallurgy
Cracow, POLAND
Home address: ul.Siewna 23/67, 31-232 Krakow, POLAND
Phone + 012 415 3059

To: Board of European Students Technology
Local BEST Group Stockholm

August 12, 2000

Dear Sir,

As I have known, I was accepted to participate in the BEST Summercourse in
Stockholm 2000, but till now I didn't obtained any letter from you.
Hence, I send by e'mail information requested in your leaflet.

You may contact me by my father's e'mail: jdu@ia.agh.edu.pl
or by home phone:  + 012 415 3059

I will arrive by ferry from Gdansk. The ferry M/S Silesia starts 2000-08-19
at 18.00 (six o'clock PM). The travel takes about 10 hours.

The departure day (from Stockholm) will be just after finishing of the

I'm not vegetarian and I'm not allergic.

My photo is attached to this letter as the photo.tif document

Best regards

Anna Duda

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