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Re: arrival time

Yes, most buses work all night, just with a less frequent schedule. Airport coaches have a paus between 23.15 and 7 in the morning.
Subway stops at about three o'clock during week-ends but then there are nightbuses that cover for the subway instead.
I am sure one of us in the BESTgroup can arrange for you to get somewhere to sleep. Personally I can help you after talking to my boyfriend. I think it is no problem that you can stay there, the only thing is that we will be four in the room that night if we get company with you. Somehow we can solve this, it is quite difficult and expensive to get a hotel or hostel in Stockholm.

So here is the description to LAPPIS or "Lappkärrsberget" We are at least four BESTies that live here that will probably be able to help. Follow the directions to "cityterminalen" in earlier mails. From cityterminalen find the subway, red line (but all the lines are reached from the same entrance) and go towards "Mörby Centrum". 4 stops from "T-centralen" (which is the name of the subway station at cityterminalen) and there you will find "Universitetet". Now you are either lucky so that there is soon a bus leaving that you can go on with the same ticket you got when entering the subway or you are too eager to wait and you walk 15 minutes.

CASE 1 = bus:
Take number 40, (the bus station is to the left when exiting subway which only has one exit) be aware of two directions of the bus, you should go towards "Lappkärrsberget" Sometimes it says "Ekhagen and Lappkärrsberget" but don't worry that will just be an extra sightseeing. Buses leave approximately every 30 minutes and at saturday night the 19th the schedule looks like this:
2106 36E
06 36E
06 36E
06E 38
08 53
you will probably catch the 00.06 (whith sightseeing !!! :-) and you go all the way to where a bunch of red-bricked identical houses show up after a hill with a strong curve. (takes approx 5-7minutes) Here is "Lappis". Please ask people on the bus, most of them will be very happy to help you and every second person is an exchange student themselves and knows perfectly well your situation. You can go off at the top of the hill. And if you go with the bus to the last stop, you are still at LAPPIS

OK, Now when being at LAPPIS, go to "Amanuensvägen 10" take one stair and ring on the bell to room 205 which says Emil Olovsson. We will be right there opening!

CASE 2= walk
Well, I don't have the time to describe as thorougly but talk to anyone of the people leaving the subway, most probably they are on their way to LAPPIS or at least they can guide you through the university buildings. You practically see LAPPIS from the subway exit if you just walk 100 meters straight forward and then look to your left.

OK, Hope that you can follow these guidings, it was the first time I wrote them in English...

Bästa Hälsningar

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Subject: arrival time

> Hello again,
> The Slowenian team (me and Klemen) is coming to Stockholm on 19th Aug at 22.35
> and we will leave on 4th Sept. As we'll be a day early I have some questions
> for the organisers. Is there a place to leave our luggage for the night except
> at the airport or the train station? Do the buses and the subway work all
> night?
> And given our late arrival time could you suggest a place for the night.
> Can't wait to see you all,
> Marjanca
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