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Re: arrival time

hi Anna,

> I am sure one of us in the BESTgroup can arrange for you to get somewhere to sleep. Personally I >can help you after talking to my boyfriend.
> I think it is no problem that you can stay there, the only thing is that we will be four in the >room that night if we get company with you.

orgy :-) 

> > Hello again,
> > The Slowenian team (me and Klemen) is coming to Stockholm on 19th Aug at 22.35
> > and we will leave on 4th Sept. As we'll be a day early I have some questions
> > for the organisers. Is there a place to leave our luggage for the night except
> > at the airport or the train station? Do the buses and the subway work all
> > night?
> > And given our late arrival time could you suggest a place for the night.

Anna...and please tell this to the other SC organisers....I can help
with this. Tell me some details:
- are the "slovenian team" a couple ? In this case I can give them my
room for one night and I'll sleep somwhere else, maybe with Cristi again
- do you have any other problems with the accomodation for the SC ? Me
and Cristi we can host two people or even more if really necessary.

Actually, I was going to send you an email today, because I'll be
interested to take part in the lectures of the SC...about forestry and
other environmental stuff. Is it possible ?
I understood the organisers have a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, maybe
I can come there and see how I can help. Anyway, I miss you so much so
it will be very nice to see you all again. I met Jesper yesterday...

About the slovenians, I can take care of their arrival, maybe wait for
them in T-Centralen. Can I send an email to them in order to see how we
can meet ?
On the other hand, until Wednesday when I'll have the time to meet all
of you, don't hesitate to ask for my help if is needed.