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Arrival time


I was extremly glad when I was informed that my application was accepted!

If everything is okay with the Hungarian plane I'm supposed to be on the airport of Stockholm on August 20th
at 19.30 in the afternoon.

Just before the course ( I mean one or two days before the departure) you can contact me through phone
36-1-275-73-76. I think I will be able to read my e-mail one week before start.

I don't know exactly the departure time yet, becasuse it depends on which plane has a seat ticket with reduced
price for young people. I will choose between September 2th and September 3th.

I will be able to send a photo only by mail, I think it will be a bit late, won't be?

I'm really looking forward to go to Stockholm!
P.S.: Just one question: Hungarian should pay the fee of 50 EURO?
                ZITA SZECSENYI-NAGY