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arrival time

Hello everybody!
Tomorrow it's my big day ( I'll be traveling all day!) and I still haven't 
started to prepare my bag (we have to take so many things!!)!
I hope you are all O.K. and ready to have a great time... I'm quite nervous 
because I left everything for the last minute (try not to do the same!) but 
looking forward to meet you all.
My arrival will be tomorrow (19th) at 13h55 (Arlanda Airport - Stockholm) 
but I'm staying with a swedish friend for the night and will meet you Sunday 
at Gustaf af Klint (just as soon as I find it!Probably after lunch time.).
The swedish friend I'm staying with is Karin and maybe the best way to 
contact me from tomorrow 'till I get to you it's her phone number (in 
Stockholm): 643 60 15  ,or (mobile phone): 07 08 311174.
Departure back to Portugal will be at 6h55 from the 3rd of September, again 
from Arlanda airport.
I think I didn't forget anything! See you all in Stockholm!
                        Eder (yours)
                           ** Raquel
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