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Re: The directions are completed.

hey all,
there is my feedback and hereby I want to introduce
myself. However I'm third on this list of paricipants
but I'm writing only now. My name is Andrea, from
Slovakia and I look forward to see you, meet you.

And for Anna, about schedule. I'm bad adviser.
I can't see any gaps in the program and it isn't easy
to choose from these activities, but I suggest, that 
attractive for us can be, I really don't know! Perhaps
> The Vasa museum: A boat that sunk after her maiden
> trip and is now restored
> to her original shape, full size war ship from 1700.
> A "must" for tourists.
> Picnic at Skansen: Swedens largest outdoor museum.
> Here are all kinds of
> wild and tame animals, old fashioned houses and
> cottages, very nice area if
> sunny...
> Kaknästornet: The highest tower in Stockholm, cool
> view over the whole town
> and surroundings.
> Tekniska museet: An interesting and fun description
> of the development of
> technology in Sweden, it includes the museum of
> telecommunication and has a
> free entrance for students of technology. There is a
> special part for old
> vehicles, mining, exploratorium, and some more
> (where you can try some
> experiments yourself).
> Underground tour: Stockholm's subway is well-known
> for its artistic
> entrances. Go around as much as possible and check
> out the paintings, art,
> public communication and suburbs of Stockholm.
> KTH-info: A guided tour of the research areas that
> our university is most
> proud of: Last year it was the speaking and
> listening computer + "Virtual
> Reality-cube" where you can look at a movie from
> inside so to say.
> There is also a www-page (which seems to be down for
> the moment) that is
> called stockholmtown.com
> I could enter it by writing
> http://www.stockholmtown.com/pages/271/index.asp
> but that page should change from day to day I guess.
there are just TEN day to see you!!!

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