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The directions are completed.

Hi beautiful people,

Please, give feedback on the attached schedule to us. If possible we will
try to adjust the schedule so that you will have as fun as possible. Because 
of the list not accepting that heavy mails, I will send the attachments 
separetely in the two next mails.

The following people have been accepted to our summercourse: (you can see
the mail and phonenumber as well, the twoletter word is short for which LBG
you come from)

Ester Leonardi           to
      esterleonardi@libero.it  00390116191352
Jean-Philippe Bourjot    em
Andrea Majtner           br
      majtner@yahoo.com  +421 905 459268
Anna Duda                cr
      sasi@ds5.agh.edu.pl  +4812 4153059
Pablo Méndez             va
      pablomen@teleline.es  983248283
Maria Csilla Pardek      tm
      apardek@tmd.dnttm.ro  +4092388972
Antonios Papadakis       at
      Antonis@telecom.ntua.gr  0301-7722583
Franck Maul              ka
Roland Wunderlich        dr
      rol-wun23@gmx.de  ++49/351/4804704
Francesco Crea           ro
Ana Macias               ma
      anamp@wanadoo.es  34914469636
Florinel-Marian Marica   bv
      Florinmm@yahoo.com  +4094574241
Sandor Horvath           so
      sannya@freemail.hu  0036/309899697
Sofia Tsoutsoulopoulou   at
      sofia_tsoutsoulo@hotmail.com  0030 1 6726483
Marjana Pucko            lj
      gozdarka@operamail.com  00386-41-358-371
Klemen Bizjak            lj
      klemen.bizjak@kiss.uni-lj.si  slo+ 61 344 303
Zita Szecsenyi-Nagy      bp
      szecseny@vhsz.bme.hu , szecsenyi-nagy@freemail.hu  36-1-275-73-76
Gianluca Sapia           ro
      giankula@hotmail.com  +390665743193
Raquel Heleno            co
      raquelhh@hotmail.com  351933193584
Mia Jahn                 cp

Joao Filipe Dias Rodrigu ls
Rodrigo Escobar          ma
      Scoparius@ole.com  915652956
David Sancho Cabrero     ma
      cabrero@ole.com  07915696678
Elena Baeza Oliva        ma
      elenabaeza@ole.com  913554522

I attach two documents that show the schedule for the course. We can not
change the trip through Sweden not the mutual party with Uppsala
summercourse + city rally, but we can change the other social activities.

Therefor we would like to hear your wishes!

Here is a list of activities.
Tell us what you think you would prefer and we will try to make the perfect

The Vasa museum: A boat that sunk after her maiden trip and is now restored
to her original shape, full size war ship from 1700. A "must" for tourists.

Picnic at Skansen: Swedens largest outdoor museum. Here are all kinds of
wild and tame animals, old fashioned houses and cottages, very nice area if

Kaknästornet: The highest tower in Stockholm, cool view over the whole town
and surroundings.

Tekniska museet: An interesting and fun description of the development of
technology in Sweden, it includes the museum of telecommunication and has a
free entrance for students of technology. There is a special part for old
vehicles, mining, exploratorium, and some more (where you can try some
experiments yourself).

Underground tour: Stockholm's subway is well-known for its artistic
entrances. Go around as much as possible and check out the paintings, art,
public communication and suburbs of Stockholm.

KTH-info: A guided tour of the research areas that our university is most
proud of: Last year it was the speaking and listening computer + "Virtual
Reality-cube" where you can look at a movie from inside so to say.

There is also a www-page (which seems to be down for the moment) that is
called stockholmtown.com
I could enter it by writing http://www.stockholmtown.com/pages/271/index.asp
but that page should change from day to day I guess.

I am not sure if they have the right budget for us, but please check out
this page and learn more about our beautiful city. If you like to go to
concerts or theaters that are on during this week we might be able to
arrange that during a so called "free evening" where we ourselves not
organise anything but tickets for what you would like to see. Then you will
have to pay for your own expenses.

OK, enough information for now.
I hope you will take the time to figure out what would be the most fun thing
to do in Stockholm. Remember: nothing is impossible, it is just a question
of wanting enough.

So I hope to get some good ideas to the list!

See you soon!

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