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Hi all,

Hi everybody,

  I`m Zita from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I am 
really glad, that I will be able to meet you in Stockholm.
  I`ve finished the University of Budapest for Technology 
and Economics (Faculty of Chemical engineer). So I`m an 
environmentalist who is specially interested in people who 
are interested in Stockholm and Scandinavian Forestry. 

  Till this time I wasn`t able to type an e-mail because I 
was abroad. (I took part on an other Summer Course in 
Ravenna which was great) From tomorrow I won`t be at home 
also, so we`ll contact in Stockholm!

  I am looking forward to seeing and having fun with you in 
the "Venice of North" !

My exact arrival time: August 20th 19.30.
Departure time:        Sept.   3rd 20.10.