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Big Problem!!!!

Dear Best Organizators,
probably you are not able to see the tears, but belive me that is not easy
to have to say that I cannot came to take part to your Summer Course, I'm
really sorry if this will cause you some problems, but i had an accident two
days ago and I have my right shoulder dislocated and the pain is unbeareable
(has the weather, really hot here in Rome); I felt down with my motorbike
and now I hhave to take this bandage for twenty days. I tryed to write you
before but without my right hand I'm really limitated (in every sense), this
push me on to write this letter....I'd like to visit your country,
In my misfortune I was luky, it could be a really bad experience.
I ask sorry again if this will cause you a lot af problem,
we will meet another time somwhere else in the world!!!!
Bye Bye
Francesco Crea

Crea Francesco