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		This is Ana, from Madrid. I study the third year of Forestry

		Rainy and cool weather in Stockholm sounds wonderful when
it's terribly hot here in Spain. Anyway, I hope it won't become much colder
in August!

		I've been out of the city some days and I've just received
the great amount of e-mails you've written. All of you look wonderful

		I have some questions for our Swedish hosts: Are we sleeping
in tents during the bus-tour? Will we need a lamp and other things for the
camping? As I think you already know, I'm celiac (I can't eat some cereals),
should I bring something in special?

		I'm flying to Stockholm this Thursday ( 10th of august) as I
am spending some days in Uppsala. The 3rd of September at 7:20 I will return
to Madrid.

		By for the moment. See you soon,