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Answering some questions

Dear BESTies,

Nice to see that you are using the mailing-list.

Joao asked a very good question on how to get to the us on the arrival day 
(sunday 20th of August).

We will be waiting for you on a hostel called Gustaf af Klint which is a 
boat(!) situated in the middle of Stockholm. Usually this boat is very 
appreciated by the participants and we hope that you are going to like it as 
well. We will be there from about ten in the morning to ten in the evening 
with a little break for dinner around six or seven (but probably we will 
have someone waiting by the boat if we expect someone special :-) according 
to the times you tell us when you will arrive...)

There are excellent descriptions on how to get to Stockholm and our 
university on the homepage of GA2000 where you also can find some pictures 
of all the people that organised our general assembly this year. You will 
not have the chance to meet all of them. But some of us (especially the ones 
from Stockholm) will for sure show up.

There is also a link to good Swedish words to know, if you want to impress 
someone, but don't worry, most Swedes know perfect English, sometimes you 
can make them speak French and German as well :-)

BE AWARE THOUGH that on this description it says how to get to another 
boat-hostel called Af Chapman. You are NOT going to sleep there. Gustaf af 
Klint is much nicer and more in the middle of everything.

So follow the descriptions on this page:
link "survival guide"
but just to central station. Don't count on that we are able to meet you at 
the airport or the centralstation as it says on the homepage. (We were 25 
more organisers back then...) Now you will have to find the subway. Look for 
the blue T-sign or follow the signs saying "tunnel-bana".
Now you are going to take red line towards Norsborg or Fruängen and go off 
at "Slussen", two stops from the central-station. In the back of the train 
there is an exit towards Saltsjöbanan.
Go out there and follow the BEST-signs to Gustaf af Klint-the BEST-boat. We 
will as soon as possible put up a map on our homepage where the boat's place 
is pointed out and a more complete description than this one.
The prices for the subway is about 20 SEK (for this you can travel around 
the central city during one our if you save the ticket) and for the airport 
bus 60SEK one trip.

And Zita, no, Hungarians do not pay the 50 Euro summercourse fee. BESTs 
policy is to only charge participants from the western countries. The 
eastern countries according to BEST are Russia, Poland, Hungaria, Slovakia, 
Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Hercegovinia, Romania, Check Republique, 
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This weekend the sun finally will show up here!

Good to talk to you!
BEST regards (in Swedish: Bästa hälsningar, you should now on use this 
expression when finishing e-mails to this list so that I know that you read 

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