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More contacts.

This is Mia Jahns mail and phonenumber which by some reason 
was not there in the last email.
and 45 28261683

Bästa Hälsningar
Eder (Yours)

>From: "Anna Edebo" <annazon@hotmail.com>
>Reply-To: k95_aeo@k.kth.se
>To: best-forestry@ths.kth.se
>Subject: The directions are completed.
>Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 14:51:45 GMT
>Hi beautiful people,
>Please, give feedback on the attached schedule to us. If possible we will
>try to adjust the schedule so that you will have as fun as possible. 
>Because of the list not accepting that heavy mails, I will send the 
>attachments separetely in the two next mails.
>The following people have been accepted to our summercourse: (you can see
>the mail and phonenumber as well, the twoletter word is short for which LBG
>you come from)
>Ester Leonardi           to
>      esterleonardi@libero.it  00390116191352
>Jean-Philippe Bourjot    em
>      jp_bourjot@yahoo.fr
>Andrea Majtner           br
>      majtner@yahoo.com  +421 905 459268
>Anna Duda                cr
>      sasi@ds5.agh.edu.pl  +4812 4153059
>Pablo Méndez             va
>      pablomen@teleline.es  983248283
>Maria Csilla Pardek      tm
>      apardek@tmd.dnttm.ro  +4092388972
>Antonios Papadakis       at
>      Antonis@telecom.ntua.gr  0301-7722583
>Franck Maul              ka
>      franck_maul@hotmail.com
>Roland Wunderlich        dr
>      rol-wun23@gmx.de  ++49/351/4804704
>Francesco Crea           ro
>      crea@ingchim.ing.uniroma1.it
>Ana Macias               ma
>      anamp@wanadoo.es  34914469636
>Florinel-Marian Marica   bv
>      Florinmm@yahoo.com  +4094574241
>Sandor Horvath           so
>      sannya@freemail.hu  0036/309899697
>Sofia Tsoutsoulopoulou   at
>      sofia_tsoutsoulo@hotmail.com  0030 1 6726483
>Marjana Pucko            lj
>      gozdarka@operamail.com  00386-41-358-371
>Klemen Bizjak            lj
>      klemen.bizjak@kiss.uni-lj.si  slo+ 61 344 303
>Zita Szecsenyi-Nagy      bp
>      szecseny@vhsz.bme.hu , szecsenyi-nagy@freemail.hu  36-1-275-73-76
>Gianluca Sapia           ro
>      giankula@hotmail.com  +390665743193
>Raquel Heleno            co
>      raquelhh@hotmail.com  351933193584
>Mia Jahn                 cp
>Joao Filipe Dias Rodrigu ls
>      l43411@alfa.ist.utl.pt
>Rodrigo Escobar          ma
>      Scoparius@ole.com  915652956
>David Sancho Cabrero     ma
>      cabrero@ole.com  07915696678
>Elena Baeza Oliva        ma
>      elenabaeza@ole.com  913554522
>I attach two documents that show the schedule for the course. We can not
>change the trip through Sweden not the mutual party with Uppsala
>summercourse + city rally, but we can change the other social activities.
>Therefor we would like to hear your wishes!
>Here is a list of activities.
>Tell us what you think you would prefer and we will try to make the perfect
>The Vasa museum: A boat that sunk after her maiden trip and is now restored
>to her original shape, full size war ship from 1700. A "must" for tourists.
>Picnic at Skansen: Swedens largest outdoor museum. Here are all kinds of
>wild and tame animals, old fashioned houses and cottages, very nice area if
>Kaknästornet: The highest tower in Stockholm, cool view over the whole town
>and surroundings.
>Tekniska museet: An interesting and fun description of the development of
>technology in Sweden, it includes the museum of telecommunication and has a
>free entrance for students of technology. There is a special part for old
>vehicles, mining, exploratorium, and some more (where you can try some
>experiments yourself).
>Underground tour: Stockholm's subway is well-known for its artistic
>entrances. Go around as much as possible and check out the paintings, art,
>public communication and suburbs of Stockholm.
>KTH-info: A guided tour of the research areas that our university is most
>proud of: Last year it was the speaking and listening computer + "Virtual
>Reality-cube" where you can look at a movie from inside so to say.
>There is also a www-page (which seems to be down for the moment) that is
>called stockholmtown.com
>I could enter it by writing 
>but that page should change from day to day I guess.
>I am not sure if they have the right budget for us, but please check out
>this page and learn more about our beautiful city. If you like to go to
>concerts or theaters that are on during this week we might be able to
>arrange that during a so called "free evening" where we ourselves not
>organise anything but tickets for what you would like to see. Then you will
>have to pay for your own expenses.
>OK, enough information for now.
>I hope you will take the time to figure out what would be the most fun 
>to do in Stockholm. Remember: nothing is impossible, it is just a question
>of wanting enough.
>So I hope to get some good ideas to the list!
>See you soon!
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Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at http://www.hotmail.com

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