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More detailed description to the hostel.

Hi everyone!

As Mia asked for the directions to the hostel Gustaf af Klint, this is it. It is the 
same as says on the homepage of GA2000. although a little bit changed so 
that it fits with our SC.

This site has a map over Stockholm.

On this page you can construct your own maps. The hostel and Slussen is to 
the right of the middle section. Just where the dark red lines makes a waist. 
Make a map by drawing a box with the mouse on the map.
You will also find free maps on the SL-center at Centralstation just by the 
entrance to the subway.
Arrival At Arlanda Airport 
When you arrive at Arlanda airport you should find the airport buses. It is well shown on 
directions with a bus on them. In Swedish they are called "Flygbussarna" The bus fare is 
60 SEK. Make sure you get on the right bus (Cityterminalen). 
At Cityterminalen,