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Last minute planning

Hello Europe,
After going through the schedule once again, we have now come up with some 
extra things that we think are important that you bring with you.

Don't forget:
Comfortable shoes for walking in the forest
Your own water-bottle
And if you like to have hot drinks with you on the excursions a thermos
Bathing suit + Towel

The schedule is updated and you can find it on our homepage
and there is also a list of (almost) all the mails that have been sent among 
us, if you miss anything in the list, please resend that email to me, and I 
will make sure that it gets on the list. Our communication will be evaluated 
by BESTinternational in the fall. Therefore we need to keep track of all the 

See you very soon!
/LBG Stockholm

Anna Edebo
tfn: +46(0)8-541 366 20
mobil: +46(0)708-159 487

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