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HELLO!!! Dormir demais faz mal

Dormir demais faz mal = Sleeping too much is harmfull

What are you all doing, my good friends?

Ye poor organizers, tired of washing, waking, planning, nagging :) and ...
organizing, how do you feel after having accomplished your mission?
Tell us, aching with sorrow? Dying for the next BEST event where you will
actually select 12 spaniards? Or just thanking god for NOT having party
every night and actually being able to have peaceful, common lives?

Thank you all, Ana, Ana and Ana-Karin, Asa la femme fatale, Jesper &
Jesper, Anders the history guy, Mathias the joking swede and all the other
cool nordic guys with latin names (what about Eric the red or Ingmar the
boring, wouldn't that sound much more viking?).
Again thank you for all, LBG-Stockholm is the BEST, undoubtfully.

Thank you foreign legion, Allan te faci un cullo cosi!, Frederick the
chocolate mousse master, BEST international board and the crazy
roumanians who introduced us to that institution of BEST which is:
PALINKA! It's horrible: smells bad, tastes worse but still I miss it...
look at what BEST makes out of healthy people!

And ye small earthly creatures, the salt of the Earth, the fate of
Mankind, the participants, will you survive the ache of parting?

"Severance, the birds of leaving call to us
Yet here we stand, endowed with the fear of flight"

For sure. Tu e brave, na zdrovje?, avec zlowovidza on peut alltag skoll!
unos con nosotros machen. Malaka? Kurva? Yes! Takk sa myket!

This is the first day I am actually beginning to feel it is all over. My
people from all around Europe: Rodrigo/Rivaldo/Ronaldo, Pablo (una
zorra, si), David e las chicas muy guapas Elena y Ana from Espana;
Raquelinha de Portugal; Jean-Philipe et Franck (est-ce que tu a vraiment
prenait le ferry ou a les suedoises t'on suffit?) de la France; Herr
Roland von Dresden, der Schnitzellieber von Deutschland; Sofia the wise
and Antonios the cool malaka from Greece; tne so nice (and
gossiping) Mia from Danmark; the crazy Marjana and Klemen (I actually
looked over for you) from Slovenja; The unavoidably noisy Italians
Gian-luca (vaffanculo!) e la belissima Ester; The strangely familiar
Roumania, transylvania-sweet Scilla and annoyingly funny and nice Florin;
sweet Andrea from Slovakia, Zita (good luck in Muenchen!) von Hungary and
the unforgettable Ania (sorry I can't speak english ;)) from Poland, and
last but not least Besiki from distant Georgia too.
Europe is not that big if people from so many different places can get
along so well.

Actually I was still in Stockholm when I first missed waking up with
Gianni screaming "Pinus Contorta! Why the fuck did you close the window?"
and the smell, the smallness, the waving of Gustaf af Klint.
But to be honest it was good to get rid of you. That way I actually got a
few time to stroll along Stockholm's seas/lakes/whatever without some
nasty organiser pretending to be an alarm clock ;)
But life goes on. Back home we have the old friends and our sweet homes
with no more un/packing and sleepplace shifting.

It was great knowing you all. I hope we'll meet again. And until then I
cope completely with Mia's proposal: why not keep the mailing list alive?
It's up to you people, lovers of forests, alcohol, swedish/foreign
girls/boys to keep it alive.
Just write something!

About the pictures of Aurelian: he gave the address but he told not to
pass it around much. Do you think you're worthy of knowing it?

Salvemos las ballenas!

Ana Edebo thank you so much for the last day/dinner. You are too sweet,
now good luck with your studies (the ones we all messed around with).
Ana Hakanson, my angelkeeper, to know one's angel's name is not the end of
the game, is more like the beginning of it.

Chicas, como vos quiero. A todas!
Besos! Svenska hugs and

Basta Halsningar, adeus.