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are you still sleeping?????????????

Hi europe
I was actually very sad when i left Stockholm-
I mean I was happy to go home to my own apartment, to my bed and my dune,to 
more than 4 hours of sleep, to my own bathroom and to be able to be alone 
for a minute or two. I didn't realize i needed some time alone since I liked 
you all very much but when i got a few minutes to my self I liked it so much 
and I realized that i had missed it.
Any way what i was going to point out once again is that i really enjoyed 
the trip.
That is Why i want to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why aren't you using the mailing list?????????????????

I have never checked my mail as often as I have done these last days because 
I am hoping fore new mails.
Hope you are all well
Love Mia

( Ana will you send me the internet location of the pictures)
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