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Tack sa (with circle over a) mycket!

  Hej my friends from Sweden, Denmark, Poland,
Romania, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia,
Greece, Italy, Hungary!

Many thanks for two marvelous weeks which I spent with
you. You were fantastic I'm very happy, that I met all
of you. Everyone let inside of me nice experience
which cheer me to see again.

Do you try to range into ordinery life? Does it go
easy? I think it is easy with some daily problems, for
expample: my plain from Prag with an hour delay; 
on Monday two bankomats scoffed my two cards; today I
spent two hours in two banks... Isn't it easier when
you have a school? (Swedish, Danish, I wish you good
luck):) I'm asking because I must wait 20 days yet. 

So, my beautiful friends don't be quiet I'd like to
hear from you, soon.

Hugs and kisses,
(especially for Csilla, Florin, Ester, Rodrigo, Sofia,
Antonios, Ana, Joao, Pablo, Jip, Jesper, Ester who I
didn't say good bye)

for Ester: your lovely song is perfect medicine
against sadness, I sing it almost all day :)

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