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hi from Athens!

Hello everybody!

It's nice to see that this email-list never gets silent. I'd like to say 
that I had a very good two-week time in Stockholm and forests of Sweden. 
Although I study architecture I must say that I enjoyed learning so many 
things about forestry! It was nice meeting you all and I miss our time 

This last week I enjoyed sleeping for many hours and going out with friends. 
But from now I have to organise my studying since I have my diplom thesis 
and one last exam to do.

I hope to see you sometime in the future somewhere in Europe or even here in 
Greece. I 'll be happy to show you around Athens and some beautiful islands!

Aurelian: The pictures are great.
Frederik: Glad you are ok. We expect your pictures on the net!
David and Ania: I miss our smoking team. (In fact I'm trying to cut down 
Zita and Raquel: Good luck in Germany!
All spanish people: Thanks for the useful spanish words you tought me!
Anna E and all organisers: You did a good job organising these two weeks. 
Tack sa mucket!

I hope you are all fine and
good luck with your plans this year!


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