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Re: "here to help"


>remember me?

I don't know really. Aha - you are the guy that stays up until 6 every
night working for BEST. Or partying... ;-)

>Yes, I left early so you have every right to have forgotten
>me during those last great & crazy party-nights ;-)

Indeed we missed the Belgian entry in the Eurovision song contest and
Fred dancing salsa ;-)

>While I'm writing this, I am constantly switching to the
>window of the scanning software (That means I can type about 1-3 words
>each time ;-) ) Yes... I've already started scanning them and hopefully
>will find time next week to make them downloadable.

Hurrey! My camera was broken so if any of you have nice photos to
share - do it!

Hope the rest of you have a more inspirational weekend than me -
spending it in bed. No nasty thinking now please! I have a flu and
couldn't even go to a birthdaydinner yesterday. Instead I had to wath
two really bad American movies on telly. If life isn't miserable you can
make it miserable ;-)

Take care going back to school/work and Gianni - if you want to feel
useful the summercourse in Rome just started!

I'm mailing you the adresses Frederik!

Hugs Anna