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Re: "here to help"

On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Frederik Habils wrote:

> While I'm writing this, I am constantly switching to the
> window of the scanning software (That means I can type about 1-3 words
> each time ;-) ) Yes... I've already started scanning them and hopefully
> will find time next week to make them downloadable.

Hi friends!

How are you all doing!? Come on, you must have recovered by now ;-)

I can happily announce that the first 2 films with pictures from the SC
are developed and on-line... The 3rd one is still in my camera, to be

or via http://go.to/frederik
you need to click a bit, but you'll find it!

The HTML presentation is made automatically by PhotoShop, so it's easy &
fast, but not so good... Unfortunately, easy & fast was just what I
needed, cause I need to get back to work :-(

well, hope you enjoy it !