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Hej alla, hello everybody and Mr. Frederik. 

But I can not forget also Aurelian and Anders -
thanks. I really enjoyed all of them. Especially
because my noisy camera made a deceiful job: I had
24-picture film and I took around 34 pictures. I
forgot to count (in a trance of taking more and more
pictures). I was relying on a counting in the camera
and this was a huge mistake because camera started to
tear an edge of film around 18th picture. 
So once more: Thank you boys.

Today we have a wonderful sunny day (28C). I'm
planning a walk along Danube and going to Devin
(castle or ruins - very nice place) where we were with
participants of our SC to find some reflections for my
report for our bulletin. I wish you went with me. It
could be obligatory for those of you, who have
lectures. :) 

Anna E. what about your exam? Do you know the results
Raquel, Zita good luck in Germany.
And for others: How are you?
Hugs and kisses,

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