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"here to help"

Hi my dear friends!

remember me? Yes, I left early so you have every right to have forgotten
me during those last great & crazy party-nights ;-)

I really felt bad about missing those last days, coz I know from
experience they are the climax of any SC... 

anyway, both of them said yes, so I guess it was worth coming home to be
present at the marriage of a very close (esp. during our studytime,
unfortunately less now) friend.

I had to wait a while, but today I got the first set of photos I

While I'm writing this, I am constantly switching to the
window of the scanning software (That means I can type about 1-3 words
each time ;-) ) Yes... I've already started scanning them and hopefully
will find time next week to make them downloadable.

Well, under these multitasking circumstances, it's very hard to write
something sensible... so I won't even try... the pressure is up even
harder, cause my mom's expecting me for dinner, and I won't make it in

Well, back to the summercourse... I'm not on this mailinglist in fact, but
I've discovered the online version of it on the website of LBG
Stockholm... which has proven a very handy solution for me... :)
One request for someone in Stockholm: can you send me the
addresslist-file? That would be nice to have!

I don't have time in this mail to say something personal to each of
you... so I'll just say that I had a great time... congratulating you
participants for being such great people, and congratulating the
organisers (and I'm not really counting myself among those... for that I
didn't do enough of the hard work) for making a great summercourse...
under not so easy circumstances!

I hope you all enjoyed it... and found inspiration in it for the future :)

hugs to you all,

I just scanned the last pic... gotta go!