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The government!

Yo dudes!!
As some of you maybe know, I was on the SC in Madrid this summer, thats where I met Allan. We have a mailing list from that SC also and i got a funny letter the other day describing "The Government". Maybe you heard Allan talk about it and didn't really understand it, so i'm sending you this nice letter from my vice president Luigi (Roma).
Everything is not really correct in the text but it describes the government quite good. I didn't call the "gossip box" the "who fucked who" box, that comment came when a girl tried to tell a gossip (with/about Allan actually) and i just tried to make her words clearer. The english isn't the best but hopefully you will understand it anyway.
All right,
I see there are some people the want to know what this "so called"
GOVERNAMENT is. I'll try to give a short explanation.
As all of you know there is a European Union, that is more or less
a group of banks and economists, with a Parlament, a Costitution
(well, a kind of) and a coin: the Euro.
To try and contrast this cold and utilitaristic idea of Europe, six of us
(Anders, Dimitris, Stefan, Marko, Allan and I), from six different countryes decided to fond a
paraller istitution based on bad manners, dirty languadge (Anders
got immediately elected President when he called the "gossip box"
the "who fucked who" box), maschilism (girls are usually too well educated...)
, pacifism and, of course, alchool.
Our official coin is the "calimocho".
For example: if a bigMac costs 2 Euros, for us it's actually four and a half calimochos.
We don't have any writter Costitution, like Socrates we prefer fact instead of words.
A part from Anders (that is the only,undiscussed leader) all the others have got
a ministery, according to the worst qualityes we showed during the summer corse.
Stefan is obviously the Minister of Transport, Allan is the Minister of art and magic
(for his ability of desappiring when a whole bus is waiting for him) and so on.
The only point we have in common with the Eropean Union is that the
Ministers meet, from time to time, in a different country to eat, drink and fuck
(hopefully not with each other).
The next meeting should be in the counrty that rapresents us the most: Croatia.
Of course all of you will be invited and we hope the you'll help us to
spread all over Europe some humanity and some reasons (different from inflaction,
national debt and production) to call ourself european (maybe a part from our maschilism...).
What's the aim of all of this?
As the Locomotive once said, the meaning of everything is:
to get as many passengers as possible.
I hope I managed to make myself clear and, anyway, for further information ask the President.
Kisses for everybody.
Luigi, Foreign Minister, President for one day.
(The Locomotive is the german guy Stefan.)
I hope i will see you soon, i will also try to go to some BEST-events this autumn even if my fellow besties doesn't write it their mails. It seems like they don't like me. :(  Well as you probably also understand i have to have some government meeting also where i can meet you also, and you are free to come also, but only if you can live up to the demands (dirty language, bad manners, alcohol addict, pacifist and love Europe with its different cultures).
Thats all for now folks!
Peace Love Hugs Kisses and some real swedish warm hugs
Anders Westergren
El Presidente