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Re: Good to hear from you!


>Yesterday we had a BESTmeeting. We put to the minutes that the
>summercourse was a success and even the budget looks good.
>Anna-Karin was elected new president and Tobias new vice

What is put into the minutes is just there to look nice of course ;-) To
say the summercourse was a success is to underestimate the neverending
cheering that we gave ourselves and the dull feeling in the room while
thinking you had to leave us.

>We were also predeciding who goes when and where so just
>beware! In the fall there are workshops in Athens (Oct 11-Oct 15)
>then probably Tobias will show up, In Madrid (Oct 26 -Oct 29) that
>coincides with our training in Lund so maybe nobody is going to
>Madrid... but in Lund we will be Anna H & E, Anna-Karin, Åsa,
>Kristoffer (a new one!!!), maybe Mattias and Jenny.

I guess BEST is just too active to keep track of all going on.... The
WSes are things the active peole in BEST go to in order to discuss the
internal working methods and such. Very many new people are coming to
those events to learn more of BEST and get inspiration to get deeper
into "our big family". But you know this already from our dear
Frederik's presentation of BEST in Anna Es summerhouse.

And, we will be in Lund already in end of September actually, so Madrid
is still open for people to crush down in. Beware!

>Otherwise weather is still cold and rainy and I am really not doing
>anything good. Except for yesterday when I actually baked some
>bread for the BEST-meeting. I am lazy with my final thesis but will
>really try this afternoon to get something done. I feel so bad lacking
>behind from the beginning.

Anna, your bread was an excellent excuse to not take care of your final
thesis. You saw me yesterday. Feeling horrible having to start something
with my thesis....

Back to real work....
Hugs Anna