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Good to hear from you!

Hello folks,
Yesterday we had a BESTmeeting. We put to the minutes that the 
summercourse was a success and even the budget looks good. 
Anna-Karin was elected new president and Tobias new vice 
We were also predeciding who goes when and where so just 
beware! In the fall there are workshops in Athens (Oct 11-Oct 15) 
then probably Tobias will show up, In Madrid (Oct 26 -Oct 29) that 
coincides with our training in Lund so maybe nobody is going to 
Madrid... but in Lund we will be Anna H & E, Anna-Karin, sa, 
Kristoffer (a new one!!!), maybe Mattias and Jenny.
In Lisbon there will be a workshop to which we will send our 
studentunion representative as the issue is educational, maybe you 
remember Johanna from Osqvik?). November 9-13 is president's 
meeting in Budapest and Anna-Karin will go.
To Rome in November 28 to December 3 we will probably send 
There is a Jamboree also in Timisoara, but no-one had the guts for 
that one yet. Last time a Swede visited Timisoara Jamboree he 
then became president and that was Jesper B so Jamborees have 
good impact on our BESTgroup.

Otherwise weather is still cold and rainy and I am really not doing 
anything good. Except for yesterday when I actually baked some 
bread for the BEST-meeting. I am lazy with my final thesis but will 
really try this afternoon to get something done. I feel so bad lacking 
behind from the beginning.

I miss you all and my mom and dad send special wishes to Joao, 
Rodrigo (my Rinaldo :-), David and Elena. They really enjoyed 
having you over! If you would like to write them it is pelle@qscts.se 
and monica_edebo@hotmail.com Actually it is my mom's birthday 
on monday and it would be really cool if all of you would like to send 
her some birthday wishes. 
I hope you have seen all the pictures, I get very warm feelings 
seeing you all again on the computer. I truly hope, no actually I am 
sure that we will meet somewhere soon. Even if we live in a large 
continent, it is full of possibilities. 

My friends, 
keep on mailing, you make all the cold and rain disappear with your 
warm mails.