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Hi from Lille

Hello everybody,

I am sorry to write to you so late whereas my mailing
box is full. I am not really busy (school will started
in one week) but I think I am a little bit lazy.
Moreover I am spending my time drinking and partying
with my LBGes and the participants of the ENSAM
summercourse in Lille. Last friday there was the
international evening with sangria, palinka, vodka ...
but no slovenian "water". 
Klemen and Marjana : I think you brought us the best
thing of your country (and I think that Gianni like it

Now I realize how big is the work of the organisers
during a summercourse, and I thank each member of the
Stockholm LBG for your generosity. I have spent so
good times in Sweden  that I can't forget you.

While I was checking my E-mails, I also realized that
I had friends all over Europe, and that's great to
know each of you.

BEST wishes,

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