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something for everybody

Hello all you beautiful people!

I really miss each and everyone of you. I was working in a forest today (eaven 
a girl has to earn her living) and where were you? It was almost too quiet. No 
talking in English and no giggling,...

Giani, did you go swimming when you came home? I know you couldn't wait to do 
that. How is the nose of you know who? And when you come to Slovenia no 
slivovica for you. That's a promise.
Friderick, Aurelian and Anders: great photos; hvala za fotke (this is in 
Friderick and Allan, the alarm clocks that tried waking us up with coffe and 
songs. Why don't I have an alarm clock like that at home?
David you have to come to Slovenia to say goodbye to the slovenian team now.
Csilla, happy birthday to you and sorry for the mess in our room the night you 
Jean-Philippe should I send you some slovenian water? It would be a hit in 
France, I know so.
Ana I can only say that Anders wrote I love you in perfect Slovene. Thanks.
Ana H: See you in Ljubljana in April. Can't wait.
Mia, what is happening to you? Why aren't you writing to the mailing list 
Joao, how is your essay going on? Did you get the titles of the books?
To all the orginasers and participants: thank you for two fantastic weeks.


PS:Don't worry if I didn't mention you. I miss you anyway.

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