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Dear friends,

I hope you find the time to evaluate our summercourse on the web 
also! So far ten of you have done it! Good but the other twelve, 
come on now. It is important for you to get back your deposit you 
paid before you left form the course. If you don't evaluate you won't 
get the money back. 
These people have evaluated, thankyou for all your nice comments! 
It is totally OK if you want to be anonymous.
Rodrigo Escobar
Andrea Majtner
Antonios Papadakis
Sofia Tsoutsoulopoulou
Franck Maul
Mia Jahn

Good work!

We still have beautiful weather in Stockholm! A little cold but the sun 
is beautiful and during the nights the moon looks like an enormous 
cheese. I was out running yesterday. Or jogging actually. (And 
sometimes walking...) But I made it around the "Brunnsviken" a lake 
close to "Lappis" and it was 12 kilometers!!! I am such a strong girl 

I am moving out of Lappis next month. Together with my "shy" :-) but 
wonderful boyfriend to a 3 room and kitchen flat outside Stockholm. 
It is at a subwaystation, so remember next time in Stockholm there 
is plenty of space at my place. It just takes 30 minutes with the 
underground to get to "T-centralen".

Now I will go to check the results of my exam. Gosh, I am worried...
Talk to you later,

PS. BTW if you by any reason not want to be in the list anymore, 
send me a personla mail and I will remove your address. I have the 
power of this maillist to include and exclude anyone that I want. :-)