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From Gianni

If you try to send large files they get stucked at my account. This message 
is from Gianni to all of us. Sorry for not being able to forward it to you 
earlier. There was a large file attached to this message so Gianni, 
remember, do not send large files to the list, there is no use...

here I'm after few days of silence! ...very strange for a chatty boy
like I'm!
I'm having some interview in car companies, and I'm deciding to which
one I should sell my body and my precious... head! Fiat and Toyota are
offering s.t. but Italians are misterious while Japaneese are too
stingy (they don't want to pay a lot for my performances!)
I had some tests during those interviews:

1) to live in 2 m^2 with other 3 boys for 14 days in a rolling room.
2) to drink more than 1 glass of Slovenian water... I couldn't!
3) to stay in a Sauna with Raquel & Klemen singing for them
4) to ear 10 questions from Mr Florin Contorta trying to answer them
and, which is more difficult, trying to understand why Fagus Silvatica
can't be used in Swedish forestry! ...I really don't know.

So now you can imagine how busy it was the last week for me!

I send you some pics asking to s.o. there in Sweden to put them on the
net... I don't know how to do it!

To Joao: I called you just for fun: I wanted to wake you up in the
middle of a rest!
To Florin: where the fuck are you?
To Klemen: where the hell are you?
To Ana Macias: exuse me madam, where are you? It would be nice to save
whales but if they don't prove their existence I won't fight for them!
To Ester: Thank you once more for the ospitality you gave me in Turin,
I coming back on Sept 26th for another interview with FIAT.
To Marjana: I went to the seaside even recently and I would have liked
to see all of you there on the beach!
To Ana Edebo: ciao bella, I would like to play again tennis with you
too. What about a dry court here in Rome?
To Ana-Karin: un abbraccio
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