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hallo from Denmark

Hi to all the nice people around Europe!!!!

HOW ARE YOU!!!!!!!!

I am sorry that I havenít been writing in a long time, but I have been very 
busy doing all sorts of stuff.
First of all I have trying to catch up with seeing all my friends that I 
havenít seen all summer.

Guess what one of my best friends is going to a conference in Madrid so if 
any of you nice Spanish people feel like giving her a city-tour I know she 
will be very grateful. Shi is going to be there from the 5th to the 8th of 
October. She is staying at  "Finisterre" at Toledo Street 111-113.

I have received a lot of mails from BEST Copenhagen and I think that very 
soon I will become a member unfortunaly they always seams to invite me to 
something right after I have made other plans. Well I couldnít find the 
money to go to Rome with them and going to Lund wasnít possible because I 
have a gathering with the staff of the scout camp, which I was joining this 
summer, and a wedding of one of my friends.

Last Friday I went to TIVOLI (amusement park) in Copenhagen. I havenít been 
there all year and I was quit pleased to stroll through the beautiful garden 
with all the fountains, the flowers and the lights. We were listening to a 
concert watching the fireworks and trying a new attraction called the golden 
tower, which pulls you down from high above the city with the power of 2 G.

The autumn is here and even when I prefer the warmth of the summer ( not 
very warm compared to most of your summers) I enjoy the colours of the 
autumn in the trees and windy sunny weather. I actually bought a kite but I 
seams to be the only one who wants to go and play with it.

In the autumn-holyday I am going to the southern part of Sweden and me and 
my boyfriend are going on a walking track called Hallands leden which I 
promises to tell you all about.
That is all for now
I am going to have lunch.
Love MIA

Raquel, Mariana and Andrea I will write very soon. I want to hear how you 
are all doing.

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