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Hello beautiful people!

(sorry for stealing your line, Anna)

I hope everything is OK with everybdy and so on and on.

Just looked at Aurelian's EXPO pictures and found that the image my
country presented at the international exhibition was all about ham and
wine. Well, that should cause a good impression!
By the way, speaking of photos, I would like to congratulate Aurelian,
Anders and Frederick for posting theirs of the summercourse (remember that
thing we've all been into a month ago?). Actually I've been so lazy I
haven't revealed mine ones 'til now.

Well so what's up with yuo people? Everyone returned to their friends &
family & classes and just has no more time to waste typing 3 words in a
row? (Mia, you had, thank you)

	Is it my impression or lots of people just didn't care to write at

	Ania, how is Cracow? Have you been to the seaside with your
	Florinel! What about your Fagus Sylvatica? Are they growing nice?
I want to buy some of your home-made palinka. Still missing it :-(
	Zita, glad to hear about your travelling. I think of the best
things of academic life must be that conference stuff (good excuse to go
abroad). Good luck with your PhD.
	Gianni!!! When is the first car signed by you coming out? 
	Raquel, (sorry for not meeting you at the airport, that day I
basically forgot all the important stuff I had to do) how are you doing in
Germany? Popular as ever, for sure. Hope you get along well.
	And Roland, how is everything going with you? Are you eating
enough Schnitzel now? (Erinnerst du dass ich ein Bolls Buch lesend war?
Ich bin der Meinung, dass Boll ist ein sehr gut schriffsteller. Kannst du
mir andere Bucher von ihm empfehlen, bitte?) 	
	Elena, yo te pido que me escribas en castellano, pues asi es mas
facil para ti y para mi e mejor que no me olvido. Pero me gusto mucho
leyer tu email. A mi tambien me gusto mucho conozcerte. Y a los otros.
And to you all.	
	Well, Sofia, Antonios, Ana, Klemen, Csilla and the rest of you
gang (including the swedish sub-gang :-) I hope you are all doing well
with your studies/vacations and I hope to hear some more of you all.

	It's been almost a month since the SC ended.

First it was the age of Resting. I slept. Ate and slept. Ate, did hygiene
and slept.
Then I started making plans for the future (most of which I will be unable
to pursue, at least for mow)
Then I wake up to the real world and to work and lectures (they begun last
week) and am already fed up with university and lectures and teachers.
I have Frederica and Massimo from Trento, Italia attending my lectures
(last year in my class (of 30) we had 5 italian Erasmus students, that was
a record, 2 is the average) and I will try to make a city tour with
them (practising for when you come and visit Lisbon) and basically the
wheels of chance are turning once more. The McKinsey Company turned me
down :-(, but still life goes on :)

The weather got colder (according to the TV 17-27 today) with cloudy skies
and a chillier wind. Helas, autumn comes to all, but to some more that to
others ;) - I suppose things are a bit different back in Stockholm.

I'm planning to go biking in Tras-os-Montes, the most "wild" region of
ours, but before comes that boring part of getting maps and charts so I
have to overcome inertia first.

Well, bye to you all, live long and prosperous. 
And for the vikings, eat lots of potatoe salad and sing cheerful stuff
like Hell and Gore  ;)

Hell and Gore to everybody!