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Re: Hello!


>Hello beautiful people!
>(sorry for stealing your line, Anna)
>This will be a shorter letter, than it was Joaos!!
Let me just start from beginning. And sorry if there are some mistakes.So, I
am now listening to  Belle Chase Hotel - fossanova. I just think, that this
music is great, but more  than this, the person I have got it from.


when I came back home,  (Gianny, my friend, you saw my nose on the airport),
I was ill , with  temperature
and so on, beside this I had to learn for my main exam and I MADE IT !! My
health was bettered, so after two days I went to Scotland- Edinburgh. I was
representing foresters from Slovenia and now I am officialy elected
commisionar for external relations in IFSA, witch I hope you all know.( I
can write to you now officialy)  ( :
If not, please visit  www.ifsa.net - more important for foresters.!!
Probably , I should repeat all those sentances like: you were all great, I
miss you , etc. I will not, because there is already all said an I must
confess, I think the organization, all the people( witch I all love) are the
cream of the cream, fantastic, ..... and I just hope we will have the
opportunity to met again( some of you, I have met again ).

I went to this symposium with train, and now, I think,  I had enough of
train for some time.But on the other site, people, go travel with  train.
You can stop everywhere, like I did, on Octoberfest, in Munich. Probably you
know what I am talking about.

So , this is my first day at home, and what  am I doing????
Writing to YOU!!

and just asking for forgiveness, that I did not write earlyer. I should stop
now, letter ll be to long.

Write, and I have an idea- we should send a letter, a real one, and it
should travel around from one to another person and everybody should write
something and send it to another person. It is not a lot of work, but it
would be fun also for those, who do not use internet.??????

adijo, in bom še pisal.