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No Subject

Hello all my dear friends,
I'd like to react at Rodrigo's mail. It was so nice,
it can placed you into time right a month ago, don't
you think?
Yesterday evening I watched the match - Slovakia :
Sweden. (0:0) I'm not any football fan and football is
not my favourite game at all but actually I enjoyed
it. However the traveling home - it was awful: so many
people, drunk people.
I really appreciated Swedish system of SYSTEMBOLAGET
at that moment!

Some days ago, when I had had much more time as I have
now, I prepared an international lesson chart, which
is still undone :( . 
Thus, this is the way how to ask you to fill the blank
spaces. Namely Italy -  Gianni (you are boring) or
Ester (you are (?), where you are, are you?); Csilla
or Florin, France - Franck, Jip (have you survived the
corridor battle?); Frederik; Zita (and others as well
to correct) And send me what I'm asking :).
Deadline is 20/10/00. 
After this time your country will be canceled!!!
No, I'm just kidding. Just show, that you are alive.

Lot of love,

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