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I am not missing

Hello all my dear friends. I am very sorry, I have seen all of you 
(almost) have sent many e-mails and what about me? I know I should have 
written something, but I haven´t been able to do it until now, because 
the computer room of my school was closed, but finally they have open 
and here I am. 
I was really willing to write so now I am very happy. 
I know that everyone says the same but I have to do it too because I 
really feel it:
         THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!
I could not imagine that it was going to be so great days as they were 
those two weeks in Sweden. They really run out too soon.
It is a pity that some really good friendships that began in Stockholm 
can only be held through a computer screen. At least by the way, but 
don't hesitate it, if I ever go to your city I will visit you. And 
please if you come to Madrid, we have to make an appointment.
Someone can feel that this is what everybody says but I really mean it.
To the organizers: NEVER will forget everything you did for us.
Asa tack for that washing machine.
Anna Edebo tack for Lapis acomodation and the best dinner I had in 
Anders and Aurelian tack for your pictures and for yourselves.
Alan, hvordan gar det? I am not going to say tack to you, instead I have 
to tell you Ħque te jodan! (miss you very much)
Mathias forget about the computer science, you should do a humour(I 
don´t know if this is the right word in English) show.
Jonas if you had not lived in Stortorget we could not have enjoyed those 
great and underground parties so keep living there, may be we will come 
back someday.
Jesper, fantastic organizers you both, never angry always helping.
Anna Karin it is a pity you couldn't share more time with us, but you 
did a very good job organizing this summercourse. Really, tack sa mycket  
Anna Hakanson, I noticed you worked a lot everyday and finally survived,
congratulations you did it great. Are you really Swedish? You are always 
joking, never serious, that's why I am asking.
Frederick, why did you have to go? we missed you so much.
Cristi you are amazing, and authentic showman. Or should I say 

(I guess you know my keyboard has not your funny scandinavian letters)
 I will write more from now on. But now I have to go.
Gianni I haven't forgotten you (actually I have forgotten nobody)
You will receive some news very soon. 

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